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Machine Head

Level Passwords:

 Level 1.2-Oil Wells: Q58NM LDZCQ4HWGE
 Level 1.3-Quake City: TDM75 UH8OT X06BE
 Level 1.4-Disused Hangers: VO1PP JCP6V H4ULJ
 Level 2.1-Termite Swamps: 0F20F 0HX8Y OE95W
 Level 2.2-Termite Warren: 42W3T JGK-P 5J5H7
 Level 2.3-Termite Swamps 2: VR4T2 6EZD5 SHCMM
 Level 2.4-Infested Catacombs: 1NBCX CXVI6 PA3K1
 Level 2.5-Termite Hive:	ZF0XD Y5KXJ Q2NGZ
 Level 3.1-Mountain Pass: 2XVSD AHO3J S2MF-
 Level 3.2-Icebound Highway: W0J8H 3Y8-D -7FRU
 Level 3.3-Above the Clouds: THYDH 0MZDU 3CZFK
 Level 3.4-Orbital HQ: 1SOJ3 130BP V2MW8
 Level 4.1-Meadows of Deception: YCTS6 PUUKS 28SD1
 Level 4.2-Citadel of Illusions: Q29LH UDUY4 21FSD
 Level 4.3-Core: WS7Y6 HQPIW BOFGK
 Level 4.4-Unreality: 2RHK4 RB9RU Z1IT2
 End Sequence: UP405 C42RI 2MP3P

Cheats: Enter the following passwords for these cheats:

 Set All Cheats: RDS-KKSGDBGD-SR
 Infinite Energy: HMEHMHSD9DMDQFX
 Infinite Weapons: HMEHMHSDVD-ONMR
 Ghost Mode: --GHOSTMODEON--

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