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Daytona USA

Hidden Area and Message:

 To find a hidden message, pick either Arcade or Saturn  mode and start
 on the  Advanced  track.  As soon as the race  starts, turn around and
 drive the  opposite  direction.  Look for a  small  hill to the right.
 Drive up the hill, and you  will  see  a  special  message  from  your

No Wheels on Opening Screen:

 Start a race and enter the pit.  Before the crew gets the new tires on
 your car, press A, B, C and Start simultaneously.  This will reset the
 game. Now, at the demo screen, your car will have no tires.

Race as the Horse:

 While the white title screen is showing, enter the following on Player
 One's controller: On the directional pad, press Up-Left and hold A, B,
 X, and Y.  Choose  the  Saturn  racing  mode  and  press  Left  on the
 directional pad to select your car.  A "Horse" option will scroll onto
 the screen. Now you can race as the horse!

Move the Jeffry Statue:

 On the Expert track, stop in front of the statue of Jeffry from Virtua
 Fighter. Press X to make him change his pose.

Play the Slot Machine:

 On the Beginner track, stop in front of the slot  machine.  Press X to
 make each slot stop. Match up the sevens, and you'll get a time bonus!

Time Attack:

 In Saturn mode only, hold Start at the  Car  Select  screen.  When you
 start the race, there will be no other cars on the track.

Race on Reversed Track:

 At the Track  Select screen, press Start to play in a Mirror mode that
 converts every left turn into a right and vice versa.
AM2 Sound Test:

 To sample the music scores for other games made by AM2 (the same bunch
 who made Virtua Fighter and other games), enter the following initials
 at the High Score screen to hear the corresponding AM2 music score:

 A.B: After Burner
 E.R: Enduro Racer
 EXN: Exhaust Note
 G.F: Galaxy Force
 GLC: G-Loc
 GPR: GP Rider
 H.O: Hang On
 O.R: Out Run
 ORS: Outrunners
 P.D: Power Drift
 QTT: Quartet
 R.M: Rad Mobile
 S.C: Stadium Cross
 S.F: Strike Fighter
 S.H: Space Harrier
 SDI: Global Defense
 SHO: Super Hang On
 SMG: Super Monaco GP
 T.B: Thunder Blade
 TOR: Turbo Out Run
 V.F: Virtua Fighter
 V.R: Virtua Racing
 VMO: Vermilion

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