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Battle Arena Toshinden Remix

Play as Gaia, Sho, and Cupido:

 At the title screen, with the words  "Press  Start  Button"  flashing,
 press Up, Down, X, B, A, Y, C, Z, Start.  Now, at the  fighter  select
 screen, the two bosses  Gaia and Sho  are selectable to the far right.
 To select Cupido, put the  cursor  over  Sho, press and  hold  UP, and
 press X.  Cupido should appear and is playable.  Note: You can play as
 the bosses in every mode except story mode.

Big Head Mode:

 To play the game with some  seriously  big  heads, hold down the top L
 and R buttons at the title screen with the game options ("Story Mode,"
 etc.). Keeping the buttons held down, pick a fighter. When the match
 starts, there will be super deformed fighters.

Different Camera Angles:

 To check out the fight using different camera angles, start a game and
 pause it. While the game is paused, enter the "Options" menu. While in
 "Options" highlight anything except "Exit." Press and hold L, move the
 cursor to "Exit," and press R. Now you can check out the different
 angles using the following buttons:

 Button Z: zoom out
 Button Y: zoom in
 Button L: spin left
 Button R: spin right

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