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Nascar 98

Fat Car Mode 
Go to the game options screen and highlight stereo. Hold Z and press B 
then X then Y and then simultaneously press A and B. You should hear 
"Go Buddy Go Go". Now start the race and press START+A+B+C. 
When the game reloads your cars will be twice as wide. 

In-Car Modifications 
While practicing, qualifying or racing, pause the game and go down to 
Race Stats. While it's highlighted, hold L-shift + R-shift + Y and 
press A or C. This will let you control more aspects of your vehicle. 

Quick Reset 
To reset the game, hold A+B+C and press START. 

Wireframe Cars 
Enter the the wireframe track code and start the race, then press 
START + A + B + C to restart the game. Now cars are wireframe too. 

Wireframe Track 
Go to the game options menu and highlight control setup. Hold Z and 
press A then B then X and then simultaneously press A and Y. 
You should hear "Go buddy go go". Start a race and it will be a clear track. 


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