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Marvel Super Heroes

Kick Him While He's Down 
After you win the final round, press L + R and you can now still 
hit the beaten character. 

More Animation 
To boost animation you will need a 4-meg RAM expansion card or a 
Pro Action Replay with 4-meg RAM. Turn on Saturn. When the game has 
loaded, go into the options menu and enable extra animation frames!

No Gems in Versus Mode 
Before the match starts, both players must hold down both shift buttons. 
"No Gems" will appear on the bottom of the screen if this is done before 
the match begins. 

Play as Anita 
To play as Anita in the Saturn version you must finish the entire 
game in arcade mode on any skill setting and save your data. Make 
sure the buttons are on the defult setting and the shortcut is off. 
Next, go to the character select screen press Up, Right, Down, Left, 
Up, Right, Down, Left, Up, then press and hold X, press and hold Y 
and press Z. When the battle starts you'll be Anita from Night Warriors: 
Darkstalkers Revenge. 

Play as Dr. Doom 
Beat the game and then go to the Character Select screen, hold START 
and press DOWN twice, then press A, then B, then C in one smooth motion. 

Fighting Moves:
Laser - Quarter Circle Forward, Punch
Proton Shock - Half Circle Back, Punch
Molecular Shield - Half Circle Back, Kick
Super Move - Quarter Circle Forward, Punch, Punch, Punch

Play as Thanos 
Beat the game and then go to the Character Select screen, hold START, 
press UP twice then quickly press Fierce Punch, Medium Punch, Light Punch. 

Fighting Moves:
Bull Charge - Quarter Circle Forward, Punch
Bubble Grab - Quarter Circle Forward, Kick
Super Move  - Quarter Circle Back twice, then any button

Random Character Select 
At the character select screen hold Right for three seconds. 
Now the cursor should start moving very fast. 
Press A or C and you'll get a random character. 

Second Outfit 
On any character hold Up or Down (if they're on the top row, hold Up. 
If they're on the bottom row, hold Down) for 3 secs. Now press A or C 
and you have the second outfit. 

While playing, press Down, Down, L + R to taunt your opponent. 

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