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Manx TT

Cheat Menu 
To access the cheat menu do the following:

1. Finish FIRST PLACE in Saturn Mode" 4 times in a row.
2. Each time you win, enter the initials "OPT"

Once that's done, press Up, Down, Down, Up at the start-up menu 
and choose a 2-player game.

Music Select 
At the main menu highlight ARCADE and hold X+Y+Z. When you enter 
arcade mode you'll see the title of the songs at the bottom of the 
track selection screen. Change it to whatever you want. 

Sheep Mode 
At the "Select Transmission" screen, press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, 
Right, Z, Y. When the game begins, all players will be riding sheep! 
Super Bikes 
At the Mode Select screen, press L + R + X + Y + Z for a super bike. 
The timing on this can be tricky, so be sure to press all the buttons 
simultaneously. If that doesn't work, press Y, Z, Right, Left, Down, Down, Up, Up. 

Tantalus Bike 
On the arcade transmission select screen press L, L, R, R, Left, Right, 
Left, Z, Y, Z. Wait for the time to run out and when you start the bike you have 
should be grey and the rider should have a Tantalus logo on his back. 

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