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Last Bronx

Alternate Colors 
Press C when selecting a character to change your appearance. 

Anime Ending 
To view the anime ending, beat the game in SATURN mode with every character, 
including Redeye. Each character's anime ending should be added to the movie 
select screen. 

Character Taunts 
For your character to perform a taunt in the match, press the A button rapidly. 
After about 10 times your character will make a funny taunt. 
This can be done as many time s as you want. 

Faster Credits 
Hold A+B+C before the credits scroll. 

Fight Grey 
To fight Grey in Arcade Mode set all Options settings to DEFAULT then 
start a new game in Arcade Mode. If you can beat the first 8 battles 
with more PERFECTS than DEFEATS, Grey will appear after Stage 8. 

More Difficulty Settings 
Load the game at least 15 times to access Defense, Berserk, and 
Judo difficulty levels on the options screen. 

Taunt Select 
Hold A, B or C after winning to choose your ending taunt. 

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