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Langrisser IV

Computer Controlled Player 
At the Character Selection screen, choose a character, then 
move the cursor to the red pearl. Now press X + Y + Z and the 
computer will take over your character. 

Hidden Item Shop 
Before the battle starts, move your cursor to BUY ITEM and press 
Y, A, Down, X, B. A tone will chime and give you access to the 
hidden item shop. 

Infinite Money 
Buy enough items to access the second page of your inventory, 
then unequip all of your weapons. At this point the second page 
must be full. Now sell all your items starting with the last 
item on the second page. Eventually you'll reach a point where 
you're selling the same item multiple times. You can continue to 
sell it until you have all the money you need. 

Level Select 
At the LOAD Menu, press L, Y, Right, R, R, A + START. 
This will allow you to jump to any scenario in the game. 

Replay Old Missions 
At the LOAD menu, press L, Y, Up, R, R, A. You can no replay 
any scenario you've played before. 

Sound Test 
At the PRESS START screen, press A, Z, Y, X, A, Z, X, Y. 

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