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Duke Nukem 3D

All Weapons 
Pause the game and press Z, X, X, Z, Y, Z, Y, X, Y. 
Bonus Game 
To access the hidden sequel to DEATH TANK, DEATH TANK ZWEI, 
all you need is to have saved data from QUAKE. This will 
automatically open up the option to play the secret game. 
Otherwise, it can be accessed by beating the game after destroying 
ALL the toilets, urinals, etc. found in the game. 

Cheat Code Entry Screen 
At the main menu, hold X, Y and Z for about 10 seconds. If you 
did it right the words "Input Info On" will appear on the bottom 
of the screen. When you begin to play you should see some 
hexidecimal-looking code at the very top of the screen. Depending 
on what buttons you press the code will change it's hex numbers 
and/or letters.

Display Coordinates 
At the title screen, simultaneously press and hold X, Y, Z, L, 
and R until the words "INPUT INFO ON" appear at the bottom of 
the screen. When you start a game the programming coordinates 
will be shown at the top of the screen. 

God Mode 
Pause the game and press X, Z, Z, X, Y, X, Y, Z, Y. 
Level Select 
At the MAIN MENU screen press X, Y, Z, Z, Y, X, Y, Z, Y. 

No Monsters 
At the SKILL LEVEL screen press Z, Z, X, X, Y, X, Y, X, Z. 

Tiny Duke 
Set the difficulty level on "Damn I'm Good". Enter the code 
for "all weapons" (the code for "god mode" helps also). Find 
an enemy. Shoot him with the shrinker. Without stomping him, 
shoot him with the handgun, shotgun, or chaingun until he dies, 
which is difficult, but possible. Wait a while and he will come 
back to life, only he will be tiny. To make them big again shoot 
them a second time with the shrinker. Enjoy. 

Turok-style Controls 
During a game press Start to pause the carnage. Now enter 
Y, Y, Z, Z, X, X, Y, X, Z. A message and a new controller 
discription will appear. To change back to standard control 
re-enter the code. 

NOTE: The code must be re-entered at the beginning of a new level.

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