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Midway Arcade Treasures: Extended Play

Pixel Perfect mode:
Pause game play, then hold L + Down + Circle. You can then toggle screen sizes by pressing Square.

Mortal Kombat 3: Kombat Kodes:
Press the following buttons at the VS screen to activate the following Kombat Kode.

    Cheat                           Code
    Play as Smoke                   HP(1), BL(9), HK(2).
    Unlimited run                   LP(4), BL(6), LK(6).
    Dark Kombat                     LP(6), BL(8), LK(8).
    Psycho Kombat                   LP(9), BL(8), LK(5).
    Randper Kombat                  LP(4), BL(6).
    Blocks disabled                 BL(2).
    Player one has 1/4 energy       LP(7), LK(4).
    Fight Motaro                    LP(9), BL(6), LK(9).
    Fight Shao Kahn                 BL(3), LK(3).
    Fight Smoke                     LP(2), LK(5).
    Play Galaga                     LP(6), BL(4), LK(2).
    Fight Noob Saibot               LP(7), BL(6), LK(9).
    No life bars                    LP(9), BL(8), LK(7).
    Throws disabled                 LP. 

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