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Innocent Life: A Futuristic Harvest Moon

Buggy and Ranch
Complete the four Blue Jewels. Place them in the altars on your farm to unlock the Buggy and Ranch in the 
storage area. 

Weird Watering Can
Water all tilled squares regardless if they have crops, until your character is level 2. Talk to Masami and 
she will give you a Weird Watering Can that can water three squares at a time.

Increasing crop values
 - Putting a set of Orange, Purple, or Green Jewels in a field will give a 20% bonus to the shipping value of 
   the crop grown within their effect. 
 - Use the Mother's Touch to harvest crops to add 10% to their shipping value. 

Easy money
Wait until the doctor gives you your robot. Once you get it, make it take care of your crops and field for 
you while you are looking for wild things to collect. When you get your scale pack full, buy as many seeds as 
possible. Plant them all. When your plants can be harvested, do so. When done, put all of the contents in 
your scale pack in the shipping pod with the harvested crop. You should end up with a large sum of money. 

Restore PP faster
Stand in the spa near the cave to restore PP faster. 

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