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Dynasty Warriors: Strikeforce

Complete the indicated task in Story mode to unlock the corresponding character. 

 Diao Chan: Complete "Battle of Hu Lao Gate" under the Five Star difficulty. 
 Dong Zhuo: Complete "Battle of Luo Yang" and "Battle of Mei Castle" under the Five Star difficulty. 
 Lu Bu: Complete Chapter 6. 
 Yuan Shao: Complete the "Zenith Tower" Request mission in Chapter 6 under the Five Star difficulty. 
 Zhang Jiao: Complete "Yellow Turban Rebellion" under the Five Star difficulty. 

Fourth costume
Get 1,000 kills on a character to unlock their fourth costume. 

Level up town easily
Start a battle, then immediately quit to get sent back to your town. The buildings in the town will still 
gain points. Note: The amount will vary based on which cards you have set. You can easily raise the 
buildings meter to level up, however you will still need the items to complete the level up.

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