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Blitz: Overtime

Cheat mode:
Select the "Extras" options at the main menu, then enter one of the
following codes. The codes only affect Quick Play mode.

Two player co-op mode:
Enter "CHUWAY"  as a code.

Stamina disabled:
Enter "NOTTIRED"  as a code.

Ball trails always on:
Enter "ONFIRE"  as a code.

Beach ball:
Enter "BOUNCY"  as a code.

Double unleash icons:
Enter "PIPPED"  as a code.

Super clash mode:
Enter "CLASHY"  as a code

Super unleash clash mode:
Enter "BIGDOGS"  as a code.

Win in campaign mode:
Enter "CHAMPS" as a code. In campaign mode, highlight a team but do
not select it. Stay on the menu and press Square(2), Triangle to
instantly win against the selected team. 

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