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Virtua Fighter 5

Dojo training stages:
Successfully complete Time Attack mode in Command Training. Then, select Versus mode, choose the
fighters, then press Down(2) for the fenced Dojo stage or Up(2) for the fence-less Dojo stage.

Movie Theater custom characters:
Enter the VFTV Movie Theater, then hold Left and press X when choosing the Wolf-El Blaze or Eileen
demo movies.

Demo mode:
Select "VF.TV", then "Exhibition Match". Hold L1 + R1 and press X at the character selection screen. A
sound will confirm correct code entry.

Arcade mode Route B:
Hold Guard or Punch at the "Yes or No" prompt at the character selection screen in Arcade mode. Keep the
button held until the match begins. This mode has a different order of the fighters that appear.

Classic SEGA sound:
Hold Circle while loads to hear the classic "SEGA" sound from the Genesis system when the Sega logo

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