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Overlord: Raising Hell

Easy Minion Souls
Go to your dungeon and get out blues, reds, and browns/greens (your choice). Select one of the types of 
beetles that you want to fight. Depending on which soul you need, you must pick the beetle for that (blue or 
Dazzler, red for Magma, brown for Battler, or green for Puff). Enter the arena. Take all the minions and 
place a marker. Move it all the way back up against the gate. Go over to the beetles, but only to get one, 
two, or three. If you get too many, lock on to one then back away quickly. The extra beetle will start to 
fall back, then stop. Let the others catch up, but not touch you. Run backwards until you reach your minions. 
The reds will already have its health down a small fraction, then the brown or green will start attacking. 
You will probably have one or two minions die, so the blue will move in and heal them. Keep repeating that 
tactic. You will kill them all with a maximum loss of one minion. However, you will gain about 50 to 75 
Minion Souls.

Respawning treasure chest
When you meet Kahn for a second time in the Infernal Abyss, he will be plastered to a metal wall in a small 
room. Next to him is a small hallway that leads to four spawning pits for each Minion and one treasure chest. 
The treasure chest will respawn every eleven seconds after you hit or open it. Note: The Infernal Abyss is 
the fifth and last one.

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