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Madden NFL 09

Easy touchdowns
To score easily, get a spread set with two receivers on one side. Then, do a hot route on the inside receiver 
and press the Right Analog-stick in the opposite direction of the quarterback, making an outer slant. This 
should help you score or get a lot of yards. 

You can make depth chart changes to help you when training players. For example, if you are training someone 
on defense, such as a linebacker, go to the depth chart and substitute the running back for someone with a 
lower rating. This will make things easier when you do the lineman challenge. You can use this trick to help 
train almost any position.

Use this trick to build up your players in Franchise mode easier. Select a player you want to improve (for 
example, your defensive lineman). Then, take the slowest player on your team (for example, your kicker), go 
to "Player Management", and change him to a running back. Then, start him on the depth chart. When you go 
through the drill you will be tackling the slow kicker instead of someone such as Frank Gore. 

Improving stats
You can change a player's position to improve other attributes. In Franchise mode, you can make your Wide 
Receiver improve his blocking or your defensive lineman speed faster just by changing their position. Go to 
"Player Management" and change any player to another position (for example, your strong safety to a 
linebacker). Select that SS (who now is a LB) and do the Smart LB drill. When you complete the drill 
correctly, switch him back to his original SS position. The points you earn will reflect as a Smart Safety. 

Select any player in Superstar mode
Go to "My Madden" then to "Rosters". Go to "Player Management" and go to "NFL Greats". Release whoever desired. 
Then, go to "Free Agents" and put the desired player on a team. When you start Superstar mode, go to play as a 
rookie and find your player. If you selected a great, he should be close to the top. This also works if you 
create a player. When you create a player and put him on a team, he is a rookie. When you go to Superstar mode 
he should also be there. 

Re-signing players for less
Use the following trick to re-sign players for less in Franchise mode off-season. When you go to re-sign 
players, go to your "Player Management" screen first. Change the player that you want to re-sign to another 
position, such as a kicker or punter (the worst overall possible). Go back to re-sign that player for a lot 
less. Note: You cannot save the change unless you have enough players at that position after you change the 
player's position. For example, to change a cornerback to a kicker you must have four other cornerbacks 

Getting first round draft pick
When in Franchise mode and after all Week 17 games have been played (including your own), trade all of your 
draft picks to the worst team in the NFL. When you have traded all of them you will have the first pick of 
every round instead of whatever you have. Note: This only works if you have turned the trade deadline off 
before starting your franchise. 

Different free agents
In Franchise mode off-season, after you re-sign your players save the game. Enter Free Agent mode. If you do 
not like the free agents available (for example, if you need a top wide receiver and there are none), reload 
the game until you like the players that are available. You can also do this to make your division easier. 
For example, if you are the Jets and Randy Moss goes from the Patriots to the Rams then you do not have to 
worry about facing a player like that twice a season. 

Placing Brett Farve on the Jets
Go to "My Madden", then to "Rosters". Go to "Player Management" then to "NFL Greats". Find Brett Farve and 
release him. Then, go to "Free Agents" and sign him to the Jets or any team of your choice. 

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