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Chicken Curry video:
Enter chicken as a case-sensitive code. 

Hot Coffee video:
Enter 686F7420636F66666565 as a case-sensitive code. 

Stable option:
Enter koelsch as a case-sensitive code to unlock the "Stable" option for all levels. Note: Enabling this code 
will disable saving the game. 


Play on PSP:
This is the first disc-game (PlayStation, PlayStation2 and PlayStation3) that allows for the game to be played 
remotely via broadband with the PlayStation3 to PSP "Remote Play" feature. The game can be played with some 
limitations. Due to the differance in how the PSP's shoulder buttons are mapped they neither count as L1, L2, R1, 
or R2 effectively, rendering the PSP's L and R useless. In the game this results in the ability to lock on to 
enemies, slow down while flying, initiate a flying hover and to land on the ground as impossible actions. Although 
all flying in the game on the PlayStation3 is controlled via Sixaxis motion control, while playing on the PSP 
flight is much more simply controlled with the Analog-pad. If the player completes the first tutorial stage on the 
PlayStation3 (which requires use of shoulder buttons to complete simple objectives) the rest of the game can be 
played on the PSP if the player is so inclined. 

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