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Hot Shots Golf: Out Of Bounds

Completion bonus:
Successfully complete Single Player mode to unlock all clubs, characters, and caddies.

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding character. 

 Anya: Defeat Anya in Challenge mode. 
 Bjorn: Defeat Bjorn in Challenge mode. 
 Bloom: Defeat Bloom in Challenge mode. 
 Dino: Defeat Dino in Challenge mode. 
 Felipe: Defeat Felipe in Challenge mode. 
 Fernando: Defeat Fernando in Challenge mode. 
 Kate: Defeat Kate in Challenge mode. 
 L.J.: Defeat L.J. in Challenge mode. 
 S. Marayuma: Defeat S. Marayuma in Challenge mode. 
 Sasha: Defeat Sasha in Challenge mode. 
 Sonia: Defeat Sonia in Challenge mode. 
 Sophie: Defeat Sophie in Challenge mode. 
 Suzuki: Download the demo for the game from PlayStation Network to your hard drive. Suzuki will be unlocked 
         when the full version is played. Alternately, play 10 rounds. 

HSG CD/Voice option:
Successfully complete all of the challenges. 

Loyalty bonuses:
Reach the indicated loyalty level to unlock the corresponding bonus. 

 Level 4: Rising and Homing 
 Level 7: Club level 2 
 Level 10: Spiral. 
 Level 11: Club level 3 
 Level 12: Impact improves. 

Menu characters:
Pull the listed character's card at the indicated Challenge mode difficulty setting. 

 Bjorn: Gold 
 Jasmine: Seeded-Pro 
 Kate: Platinum 
 Sophie: Bronze 

Pull the listed caddy's item card at the indicated Challenge mode difficulty setting to unlock that person. 

 Bonnie: Junior 
 Clark: Gold 
 Eva: Silver 
 Maru-Chan: Pro 
 Rina: Bronze 
 Trent: Beginner 

Play twenty rounds on the indicated course to unlock the corresponding capsule, which contains an item that 
can be added to the course. 

 Armored Zombie: Euro Classic G.C. (regular tee) 
 Bear: Highland C.C. (long tee) 
 Blue Whale: The Crown Links (long tee) 
 Child Witch: Euro Classic G.C. (long tee) 
 Glider: The Crown Links (regular tee) 
 Gnome: Silver Peaks G.C. (regular tee) 
 Helicopter: Highland C.C. (regular tee) 
 Jet Formation: Okinawa Golf Resort (regular tee) 
 Lion: Great Safari C.C. (long tee) 
 Manta: Okinawa Golf Resort (long tee) 
 Rhino: Great Safari C.C. (regular tee) 
 Unicorn: Silver Peaks G.C. (long tee) 

Lobby costumes:
Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding costume. 

 Baseball: Sink a Rising Ball shot. 
 Biker: Sink a Double Eagle shot. 
 Kimono Outfit: Sink a Flag Ball shot. 
 Pickaxe: Sink a putt from over 40 feet away. 
 Police Shot: Sink a homing ball. 
 Poncho Set: Sink a spiral shot. 
 White Tuxedo Set: Chip a shot in for a birdie or better. 
 Witch Set: Get a hole in one. 

Online lobby costumes:
Become ranked in the top 20% in an online graded tournaments to unlock the following online lobby costumes. 

 Army Helmet 
 Baby Sling 
 Bike: Blue 
 Bob: Red 
 Boy's Uniform: Blazer 
 Butterfly Net 
 Chignon: Blue 
 Doctors Mask 
 Duck-tail: Black 
 Electric Guitar 
 Girl's Uniform: Blazer 
 Glasses Red 
 Hard Hat 
 Jason Mask 
 Manga Face 
 Pet Chicken 
 Smiling Girl 
 Snorkeling Set 
 Spiked Fringe: Red 
 Sunglasses: Brown 
 Tank Top 
 Trunks: Blue 
 Unibrow Man 

Reach the indicated level to unlock the corresponding course. 

 Crown Links Long Tee: Gold 
 Crown Links Regular Tee: Silver 
 Euro Classic Long Tee: Seeded-Pro 
 Euro Classic Regular Tee: Semi-Pro 
 Great Safari Long Tee: Seeded-Pro 
 Great Safari Regular Tee: Pro 
 Highland Long Tee: Amateur 
 Okinawa Long Tee: Amateur 
 Okinawa Regular Tee: Beginner 
 Silver Peaks Long Tee: Gold 
 Silver Peaks Regular Tee: Bronze 

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