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Battle Fantasia

Alternate Story mode paths
Complete the indicated task in Story mode to unlock the alternate path for the indicated character.

 Asley: Taunt Coyori. 
 Cedric: Adjust your glasses five times against Marco. 
 Coyori: Throw Freed at five times. 
 Deathbringer: Finish Watson with Final Inferno. 
 Dokurod: Taunt after defeating Coyori. 
 Donvalve: Use Hip-de-don against Coyori and finish with a Super. 
 Face: Use Texas Knee five times against Urs. 
 Freed: Use Magnum Jetter five times against Marco. 
 Marco: Finish Olivia with Dyna Rush. 
 Olivia: Hit Coyori with a D attack ten times and finish the match with one. 
 Urs: Win by timeout over Olivia. 
 Watson: Finish Cedric with Hip-de-Bunny. 

Alternate costumes
- Successfully complete 50% of a characters Story mode to unlock their first alternate costume. 
- Successfully complete 90% of a characters Story mode to unlock their second alternate costume. 

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