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WWE SmackDown! vs. Raw

Heat and Velocity arenas:
Win the Amateur challenges. 

Kurt Angles' and HBK's alternate costumes: 
Win the Rising Star challenges.

Randy Orton's, HHH's, Batista's, and Flair's alternate costumes:
Win the Superstar challenges.

Rock alternate costume, movesets, experience: 
Win the Legend challenges to unlock the Rock's attire, 
the remaining movesets, and 10,000 experience.

Legend challenges:
To unlock the Legend challenges, buy all the legends from 
the ShopZone.

Alternate bra and panties costume:
Play as Trish Stratus and defeat Victoria in any PPV arena 
to unlock more bra and panties to choose from.

Successfully complete season mode to unlock the "Credits" 
selection at the "Options" menu. 

Get Hulk Hogan: (Submitted by: Phillip)
Beat season mode two times with Chuck Palumbo. Then do a tag 
team match with Benoit and Charlie Haas vs The Dudley Boyz. 
Use Benoit to copy the Bubba Cutter and Haas to copy 
Neakbreaker 15 from D-Von. Then exit the match and go to 
season mode. Do it with HBK and if you have 67,895 dollars you 
can buy Hulk Hogan.

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