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ESPN Winter X Games: Snowboarding

Bonus levels:
Win a gold medal in all X Games competitions to unlock the 
Deep Freeze Mountain, Grind Or Die, Halfpipe Winter Style, 
and four more Slopestyle Events. 

Night levels:
Successfully complete all four minute events in X Games mode 
(SnowborderX, Superpipe, Big Air, and Slope Style), to unlock 
Big Air and Super Pipe at night.

Hard mode:
Unlock all 36 licenses in arcade mode under the normal 
difficulty setting, then press Circle at the level selection screen. 

Tricks          Keys
Back Flip:      Press Down.
BS Rodeo:       Hold L1 or L2 + Down/Left. Press Down/Right if goofy.
Corqscrew:      Hold L1 or L2 + Down/Right. Press Down/Left if goofy.
Front Flip:     Press Up.
Indy Grab:      Press Circle.
McTwist:        Press Down/Left.
Mute Grab:      Press R1 then press Circle.
Method:         Press R1 then press Triangle.
Rodeo:          Press Down/Right.
Tail Grab:      Press X + Square. 

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