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Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness

Level skip/select:
Pause game play, then hold L1 + R2 + Down + Triangle. 
Release the buttons, then quickly press Circle, Up, Square, 
Triangle, Right, Down. Skip level and level select options 
will now appear when game play is paused. Note: This code 
also allows you to retain weapons and items from level to level.

Note: The level select menu does not include the actual titles 
of any of the levels. The following are the level select choices 
with the corresponding level location.

Paris1: Parisian Backstreets (First Level)
Paris1A: Derelict Apartment Block
Paris1B: Margot Carvier's Apartment
Paris1C: Industrial Roof Tops
Paris2_1: Parisian Ghetto (Where Lara wakes up in the Subway Car) 
Paris2_2: Parisian Ghetto (Path to the left, with Place D'Arcade and Cafe Metro)
Paris2_3: Parisian Ghetto (Where the entrance to St. Aicard's Church is)
Paris2B: The Serpent Rouge (the Garage entrance)
Paris2C: Rennes' Pawnshop
Paris2D: Willowtree Herbalist
Paris2E: St. Aicard's Church
Paris2F: Cafe Metro
Paris2G: St. Aicard's Graveyard
Paris2H: Bouchard's Hideout (the Graveyard entrance, not the Ghetto sewers)
Paris3: Louvre Storm Drains 
Paris4: Louvre Galleries
Paris4A: Galleries Under Siege (After aquiring the painting)
Paris5: Tomb of Ancients
Paris5A: The Archaeological Dig
Paris6: Von Croy's Apartment (Includes the opening video when selected)
Prague1: The Monstrum Crimescene (This starts outside the building) 
Prague2: The Strahov Fortress
Prague3: The Bio-Research Facility
Prague3A: Aquatic Research Area
Pargue4: The Sanitarium
Prague4A: Maximum Containment Area
Prague5: The Vault of Trophies (Warning: this starts under water!) 
Prague5A: Boaz Returns (starts with Boaz at second stage--flying Boaz)
Prague6: Eckhardt's Lab
Prague6A: The Lost Domain
Paris5_1: Hall of Seasons (the main hall)
Paris5_2: Neptune's Hall
Paris5_3: Wrath of the Beast
Paris5_4: The Sanctuary of Flame
Paris5_5: The: Breath of Hades 

View credits:
Pause game play, then hold R1 + L2 + R2 + Triangle + Circle to 
unlock the "See Credits" option under "Exit Game".

Unlimited money or items:
Go to any location that you can exit and re-enter easily with 
money or reusable items (health packs, bars, etc.) that can be 
picked up. Keep leaving and entering the screen. The money or 
item will still be there each time.

Handstand on ledge:
Hang from a ledge, then press hold L1 and press Left Analog-stick Up. 
Lara will do a hanstand on the ledge. 

Backflip grab:
Back up to a ledge, then hold L1 and press X. 

Somersault down:
Press Triangle to crawl while facing a ledge, then press 
Left Analog-stick Forward. 

Backflip onto ledge:
To do a backflip onto the ledge, walk back so your heels are on 
the ledge. Hold L1 + X. Tap Left Analog-stick Away and Lara will 
do a backflip onto the ledge (in most places).

Army crawl:
Press Triangle + Forward to crawl, then while crawling 
hold L2 and keep going.

Hold L1 + Left Analog-stick Up, then press Circle.

Hold R2 while running or standing, then press Circle. 

Dive into water:
Face a ledge that is over water, then hold L1 and press X. 

Underwater 180:
Press Square while swimming underwater. 

Use the Left Analog-stick to choose your direction, have Lara do a 
regular run, and hold R2. Note: She cannot sprint on every level 

Somersault down:
When standing up, press Square while facing a ledge to do an acrobatic 
jump. Note: It also works like a dive into water.

Acrobatic shot:
With a weapon equipped, press Left Analog-stick Forward + Circle + R2. 
Then when you are in the air press X. Alternately, with a weapon 
equipped down from a ledge, press Square + X when in the air. 

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