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Time Crisis 2

Mirror mode:
To activate the Mirror Mode, you must clear the 
Story Mode without using the "Continue" function.

Stage Trial 2:
To reach Stage Trial 2, clear Stage 1 of the 
Story Mode at any difficulty level.

Stage Trial 3:
To reach Stage Trial 3, clear Stage 2 of the 
Story Mode at any difficulty level.

Crisis Mission:
This mode appears in the Extra Games. To access Day 1 
of the mission, clear the Story Mode once. To access 
Days 2 to 5 and the final day, you must clear the current 
day. For example, when you clear Mission Day 2, Mission Day 3 
will be activated. To access the Extra Mission, clear 4 Day 
Missions out of 5. To access Final Mission 2, clear all extra 
missions except the Final Day. Note: You do not have to clear 
all missions in a day to access the next day. Out of the 
5 missions in a day (not including the Extra Mission), 
only at least 4 need to be cleared to proceed. 

Music Player:
To access the Music Player, you must clear the final 
mission of the Crisis Mission.

Auto Bullets:
Clear the Story Mode twice at any difficulty level to 
unlock the capacity to fire 20 bullets in one trigger.

Auto Reload:
Clear the Story Mode at any difficulty level using your 
Auto Bullets and you will then be entitled to unlimited 
firepower with your gun.

Wide Shots:
Clear the Story Mode at any difficulty level with the 
Auto Reload function to enable your firearm to shoot wide 
shots (shot-gun type with 9 bullets per reload).

Increasing your credits in Arcade Mode: 
You will receive extra credits if you clear the Story Mode 
at any difficulty level. After clearing the mode several times, 
you will eventually be entitled to "Free Play" and also a maximum 
of 9 lives to be set in the Game Options. Note: If you run out of 
credits and lose Story Mode, you will receive extra credits to 
help you clear Story Mode for the next time you play.

Shoot Away 2 Extra Mode:
To access Extra Mode, you must score good points in the 
Arcade Original Mode (Retro).

Shoot Away 2 arrange mode:
To access arrange mode, you must score very high points in the 
arcade original mode (Retro). You will receive bonus points if 
you hit two clay pigeons with one bullet. Your points will double,
so if you hit a 30 points clay and a 40 points clay with one shot, 
you will get 140 bonus points.

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