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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2006

Cheat                                       Code (Case Sensitive)
All golfers                                 WOOGLIN
All courses                                 ITSINTHEHOLE
All clubs for purchase                      CLUB11
PSP Extras menu                             pspevolew
Tiger Woods with a hat                      GOLDENAGE
Tiger Woods with old striped pants          TECHNICOLOR
Tiger Woods with very old golf outfit       THROWBACK
Tiger Woods alternate old golf outfit       OLDSKOOL
Arnold Palmer                               ARNIESARMY
Jack Nicklaus                               GOLDENBEAR
Ben Hogan                                   THEHAWK
Old Tom Morris                              FEATHERIE
Tommy Black                                 IDONTHAVEAPROBLEM
Rose Carpenter                              CRIMSONROSE
Colin Montgomery                            THEREALMONTY
M. Chino                                    MOCHATIME
J. Dinkerbach                               DOUBLEDOWN
Hal Duf                                     GOPHER
A. Eichelberg                               ROIDRAGE
E. Johnson                                  WHOISTHISGUY
M. Leblanc                                  NORTON
C. McGinnis                                 HIGHHOOK
R. Montague                                 LAZ
C. Montoya                                  THREENAMES
M. Murray                                   DIPPINIT
Suzzane Mcintyre                            SUZZIEMCQ
W. Rounder                                  POCKETPAIR
T. Shortknocker                             WANTSMORE
Dr. Smyth                                   VERYSNEAKY
A. Townsend                                 BELLEOFTHEBALL
T. Underwood                                FIVEPOUNDS
D. Wheller                                  THECADDY
S. Whittfield                               KNOWITALL
Suzzie Mcintyre                             OUTTAMYWAY
L. Daniels                                  RUSHBETA
N. Hopkins                                  BIGHEAD
J. Hozzle                                   HOFFMAN
R. Irons                                    VARSITY
R. Kumar                                    BAYSIDE
Under Armour items                          PROTECTTHISHOUSE
Adidas items                                THREESTRIPE
EA Sports brand football jerseys            GOGATORS

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