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The Sims

Cheat mode:
Press L1 + R1 + L2 + R2 at the main menu to unlock the cheat menu. 
The following codes can now be entered at the cheat menu.

Midas mode:
Enter MIDAS at the cheat menu. Begin the game in Get A Life mode, 
get into the hot tub with the girl, then press Start to pause game 
play. Select "Quit", followed by "Just Quit". This mode unlock all 
two-player games, all locked objects, and all locked skins.

Free mode:
Enter FREEALL at the cheat menu. All objects will now cost 0 

Party Motel mode:
Enter PARTY M at the cheat menu. The Party Motel two-player game will 
now be unlocked under the bonus section in Get A Life mode.

Play The Sims mode:
Enter SIMS at the cheat menu. Play The Sims mode will now be unlocked, 
without going through the Get A Life dream house. This is useful for 
players without memory cards, who would otherwise need to play through 
the Dream House each time.

First person view:
Enter FISH EYE at the cheat menu. Press Circle to toggle between normal 
and first person view.

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