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Romance of the Three Kingdoms VIII

Change characters:
Pause game play, select "Quit", set the CPU to control your 
officer, then quickly hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 + Select. 
A window allowing one of up to other eight officers to control 
will appear. 

Secret characters:
Select "New Officer" at the main menu. Choose "Create New Officer" 
from the new officer menu. Choose the name option and enter one of 
the following case-sensitive names as they appear, ignoring the 
order of the first and last name boxes. For example, to enter 
"Abraham" as a last name and "Lincoln" as a first name. A musical 
note will play, and an officer will automatically be created and 
given type, ability, skills, and gender. Select a birthdate, and 
their face and everything else will be completed. 

Abraham Lincoln
Albert Einstein
Ben Franklin
Benedict Arnold
Davy Crockett
Jedidiah Smith
Jim Bridger
John Adams
John Henry
JohnPaul Jones
Kit Carson
Patrick Henry
Paul Bunyan
Paul Revere
Pecos Bill
Red Cloud
Sam Houston
Sitting Bull
Thomas Edison
William Cody
William Seward 

Better created characters:
Get a 100% item completion in the game. 

Bonus created character portraits:
Get a 100% event completion in the game. 

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