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The Punisher

Cheat mode:
Create a new profile with V PIRATE as a case-sensitive name, 
including the space. All missions, challenge modes, punishment 
modes, armory, war journal stuff, comic covers, concept art, 
flashbacks, movies, skins and cheats will be unlocked.

Alternately, get a gold medal rank on the indicated level to 
unlock the corresponding cheat in an apartment sub-menu. 

Crazy Deaths:                   Lucky's Bar level
Gun Splitters:                  Crack House
Unlimited Ammo:                 Pier 74 Revisited
Invulnerability:                All levels
No Reload:                      Stark Towers
One Shot, One Kill:             Ryker's Island
Unlimited Slaughter Mode:       Takagi Building 
Concept art:                    Get at least a bronze medal 
                                rank on each level. 

Comic covers:
Successfully complete challenge and punishment modes to 
unlock all comic covers. 

Successfully complete the indicated level to unlock the 
corresponding weapon. 

.40 caliber submachine gun:             Gnucci Estate
.45 caliber machine pistol:             Chop Shop
.50 caliber semi-automatic pistol:      Igor Baltiysky
5.56mm machine pistol:                  Grey's Funeral Home
5.56mm assault rifle:                   Central Zoo
5.7mm submachine gun:                   Fisk Industries
7.62mm assault rifle:                   Pier 74
Anti-tank weapon:                       Pier 74 Revisted
Auto shotgun:                           Takagi Building
Battle rifle:                           Stark Towers
Flame thrower:                          Igor Baltiysky
Grenade launcher:                       Pier 74
Hand cannon:                            Gnucci Estate
Machine gun:                            Grey's Funeral Home
Revolver:                               Lucky's Bar
Sniper rifle:                           Grand Nixon Island 

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