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Code menu:
Hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 for about five seconds at the main menu, 
or bonus materials menu, or options menu to display the code 
entry screen. Highlight one of the "A" letters in a code, then 
hold X and press Left or Right to change it. Press Square to 
accept the completed code. Press Triangle to exit the code 
entry screen. 

Invulnerability:        MONSTROUS
Solum scenes:           WINDCHILL
Aquis scenes:           MOONPOOL
Aetha scenes:           ETHERIAN
Volca scenes:           MIDDAYSUN
Tarot Gallery:          RUNESCORE
Easy Kill:              DEAMONISE or KILLSWITCH
Bonus A:                SHORELINE
Bonus B:                PRIMAL
Bonus C:                DEMONREALMS or LORDOFCHAOS
Bonus D:                MORTALIS
Bonus E:                OBLIVION 

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