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Okage: the Shadow King

Easy items:
After losing Stan in the sewers and having no one see or 
hear you, use your curse wisely. By going back to Midrel 
and retracing your steps. you get a large amount of gears 
and rare and useful items needed for Phantom Evil King. 
Go to Pos Pos Snowfields and search to find gears, 
Powercandy, Bandit Shoes, and more useful items.

Bandit Shoes:
In the PosPos Snowland, go to the tree next to the dungeon. 
Walk up it and fall off to get the Bandit Shoes.

Sword Of Gear:
Tiny gears are scattered all over the world on the ground. 
You cannot see them, but if you go near them you will 
automatically pick them up. If you get 30 of the 32 tiny 
gears and return to the house on the snow plain with a big 
snowman in front of it, the man inside will give you the 
"Sword of Gear". It has Attack +50 and Defense +10. If you 
keep talking to that man after you get the sword, he will 
tell you about the Turtle and the Pebble.

Summoning Stan:
You can summon Stan at anytime in a town or on a map by 
pressing Square.

Finding the princess:
After the princess runs away, you can find her at your 
house in Tenel.

Finding the escapeless abyss:
It is located in the Rumille Plains. You will see a sign 
that reads "The Escapeless Abyss". It is inside a strange 
dark cave.

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