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Ninja Assault

Mission mode Chapter 2:
Successfully complete Guren's Chapter in story mode. 

Mission mode Chapter 3:
Successfully complete Gunjo's Chapter in story mode. 

Mission mode Chapter 4:
Successfully complete Aoi's Chapter in story mode. 

Mission mode Chapter 5:
Successfully complete story mode. 

Mission mode Final Chapter:
Successfully complete all chapters in mission mode. 

Fireworks training mode:
Get the top score in story mode to unlock the Fireworks 
mini-game in training mode. 

Successfully complete the Final Chapter in mission mode 
to unlock a Magnum in story mode. 

Get an "S" rank in all the bonus training missions to 
unlock a shotgun in story mode: 

More credits:
You can gain one additional credit, up to a maximum of 
twelve, if you lose all your credits in a chapter. 

If you get to the very last Boss of the game on any chapter 
except arcade, but get "Game Over" while fighting it, you 
should get a screen that tells you that the number of 
credits you have has now increased by ten.

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