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NHL 2002

Barenaked Ladies:
Create a player using one of the following names: 
Jim Creeggan, Tyler Stewart, Steven Page, Ed Robertson, 
or Kevin Hearn. The game will adjust the players face and 
statistics automatically to match that band member. 

Slap Shot players:
Select the EA Blades team under the custom team category. 
Enter one of the following players from the 
Charlestown Chiefs team from the movie Slap Shot and their 
names will be announced during the game: Reggie Dunlop, 
Ned Braden, Dave Carlson, Johnny Upton, Morris Wanchuk, 
and Billy Charlebois. 

Custom character's name announced:
Combine any of the NHL players' and hidden players' first 
and last names and the game will announce your player's name. 
For example, Jami Joseph, Jonas McEachern, Mario Domi, etc. 

All-Star teams:
Play through a season and finish the All-Star game. 
Save the game and two All-Star teams will be unlocked at 
the team selection screen. 

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