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NCAA Football 2002

Player's names:
The players in the game are modeled after real players, 
and the programmers included most of their names. To 
hear the announcers call your players' names instead of 
their number, simply change their names in the options 
menu. Select "Roster" and then "Edit player information". 
Collegiate rosters can usually be found on a school's web 
site or go through a search engine -- enter the school 
name and "football" (for example, Penn State Football). 
Note: Not all of the names will be recognized, but enough 
to add some personality to the game. 

Touchdown celebrations:
Hold one of the following buttons immediately before scoring 
a touchdown at the risk of an unsportsman-like conduct penalty. 

    Point upwards:      Press L1 or R1.
    Hold up football:   Press R2.
    Shake football:     Press L2. 
    Flip:               Press Square when a player is lying down.

Highstep into the endzone:
Break away on a touchdown run or pass, with at least 10 yards 
between you and the nearest defensive player. Press Triangle 
to highstep into the endzone.

Maximum player status:
Select "Rosters" in the options menu, then "Edit Player" 
Select their ratings icon and you can change every column up to 99.

No band music:
Press Start when the band starts playing to stop the music 
without disabling the other crowd sounds. 

More timeouts:
Press Start during game play and switch to the CPU's 
controller and use their timeouts.

Custom name announcement:
Go to options, select "Roster" and select "Create A Player". 
Put your own name in as the player's name and it will be called 
out by the announcers if it is common. 

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