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NBA Jam 2004

Cheat mode: 
Enter one of the following codes by pressing the appropriate buttons to 
change the icons in each position, then press the D-pad in the indicated 

0 = Basketball
1 = NBA Trophy
2 = NBA Jam Logo Basketball
3 = NBA Logo

                  Available by default   
Effect                                  Code  
Tournament mode                         1-1-1-Down  
Child's Play (in exhibition mode)       1-1-1-Left  
Challenging Mode                        1-1-1-Up  
Show Shot %                             1-0-0-Down  
No Replays                              1-0-0-Up  
No Fire 1-0-0-Left  
ABA Ball 0-2-0 
                Available after purchase   
Effect                                  Code  
Big Heads                               2-0-0-Right  
80's Filter                             0-0-3-Right  
Beach Ball                              2-0-1-Up  
Chain Nets                              2-0-1-Down  
Iguana Gymnasium                        0-1-0 Up  
Retro Celtics Arena                     0-1-0 Down  
Retro Lakers Arena                      0-1-0 Left  
Retro Bulls Arena                       0-1-0 Right  
Venice Beach                            0-1-1 Down  
Rucker Park                             0-1-1 Left  
Acclaim Rooftop-                        0-1-1 up  
No 2-Pointers                           1-2-2 UP  
No 3-Pointers                           1-2-2 Down  
No Goaltending                          1-2-2 Right  
Constant Hotspots                       3-1-2 Up  
No Hotspots                             3-1-2 Down  
Super Thug Mode                         3-1-2 Right  
Quick Shot Clock                        2-1-0 Up  
No Shot Clock                           2-1-0 Down  
Slow Clock                              2-1-0 Left  
Fast Clock                              2-1-0 Right  
Constant Fire                           3-1-3 UP  
Easy Fire                               3-1-3 Down  
Fast Game                               3-1-3 Left  
Unlimited Turbo                         3-1-3 Right  
Powerup Team                            0-0-0 UP  
Powerup Team 3 Pt.                      2-2-2 Up  
Powerup Team Dunks                      2-2-2 Down  
Powerup Team Blocks                     2-2-2 Left  
Powerup Team Dribbles                   2-2-2 Right  
Powerup Team Rebounds                   2-3-2 UP  
Powerup Team Strength                   2-3-2 Down  
Powerup Team Speed                      2-3-2 Left  
Powerup Team Steals                     2-3-2 Right  
Extra Big Heads                         2-0-0 up  
Big Feet                                2-0-0 Down  
Small Heads                             2-0-0 Left  
Giant Team Mode                         0-0-1 Up  
Small Team Mode                         0-0-1 Down  
Pre-70s Motions                         3-0-0 Up  
70's Motions                            3-0-0-Down  
80's Motions                            3-0-0-Left  
Pre-70's Announcer                      0-3-0 Up  
70's Announcer                          0-3-0 Down  
80's Announcer                          0-3-0-Left  
90's Announcer                          0-3-0 Right  
Pre-70's Filter                         0-0-3 Up  
70's Filter                             0-0-3 Left  
80's Filter                             0-0-3-Right  
Pre-70's Stlye                          3-3-3 Up  
70's Style                              3-3-3 Down  
80's Style                              3-3-3 Right  

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