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Naval Ops: Warship Gunner

Unlimited money:
Press Left(2), Right(2), L2, R2, R1, L1, Square, 
Triangle at the dock screen. 

Speed boost:
Press Up on the D-pad several times. 

203mm Chain Gun:
Kill 100 Aircraft as the Japanese to unlock the 
203mm Chain Gun. It has the following stats: 
Offensive 400, Weight 100, Range 3500, Ammo 5000, 
only available for Battleships or Battle Carriers. 

30mm CIWS:
Kill 100 Aircraft as the Americans to unlock the 
30mm CIWS. 

356mm Chain Cannon:
Kill 500 Aircraft as the Japanese to unlock the 
356mm Chain Cannon. 

406mm Chain Gun:
Kill 999 Aircraft to unlock the 406mm Chain Gun. 

46cm 60 Caliber Deck Gun:
Kill 100 PT Boats to unlock the 46cm 60 Caliber 
Deck gun, only available for Battleships and 
Battle Carriers. 

80cm Guided Torpedo:
Kill 100 Cruisers to unlock the 80cm Guided Torpedo. 

Atomic Engine Alpha:
Kill 100 Destroyers to unlock the Atomic Engine Alpha. 

Atomic Engine E:
Kill 500 Destroyers to unlock the Atomic Engine E with 
the following stats: Output 22,000, Weight 600. 

Charged Particle Gun 3:
Kill 100 Battleships to unlock the Charged Particle Gun 3, 
with the following stats: Offensive 1300, Weight 600, 
Price 59,000, mountable on any ship class. 

Enigmatech Atli Hull:
Kill 100 Submarines to unlock the Enigmatech Atli, with the 
following stats: Top Speed +10%, Rudder Response +1, 
Control Ability +25%, Endurance +500. 

Gas Turbine E:
Kill 999 Destroyers to unlock the Gas Turbine E. 

Kill 100 Carriers to unlock the I32-Arawashi. 

Multi-Warhead Launcher:
Kill 100 Battlecarriers to unlock the 
Multi-Warhead Launcher. 

Twin Hull Battleship:
Kill 500 Transports to unlock a Twin Hull Battleship. 

Twin Hull Cruiser:
Kill 100 Transports to unlock a Twin Hull Cruiser with a 
10,000 ton weight limit. 

Wave Gun:
Kill 100 Superships to unlock the Wave Gun. It has the 
following stats: Offense: 18,000, Range: 20,000, Weight: 
4,000, Reload time: 1,000, Ammo: 5. 

Kill 999 Transports to unlock the Xbattlecarrier, with the 
following stats: Weight limit 40,000, Endurance 6750. 

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