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Mortal Kombat: Deadly Alliance

Fatalities may be done from anywhere on screen. 
Note: Press L1 at the "Finish Him/Her" screen to 
change into your fatality stance, or you will have 
to figure out the distance range.

Bo Rai Cho (Belly Flop): 
Press Away(3), Down, Circle 

Johnny Cage (Brain Ripper): 
Press Away, Toward(2), Down, Triangle

Kano (Heart Grab): 
Press Toward, Up(2), Down, Square

Kenshi (ETelekinetic Crush): 
Press Toward, Away, Toward, Down, X

Kung Lao (Hat Throw): 
Press Down, Up, Away, X

Li Mei (Crush Kick): 
Press Toward(2), Down, Toward, Circle

Mavado (Kick Thrust): 
Press Away(2), Up(2), Square

Quan Chi (Neck Stretch): 
Press Away(2), Toward, Away, X

Scorpion (Spear): 
Press Away(2), Down, Away +Circle

Shang Tsung (Soul Steal): 
Press Up, Down, Up, Down, Triangle

Sonya (Kiss): 
Press Away, Toward(2), Down, Triangle

Sub Zero (Spine Rip): 
Press Away, Toward(2), Down, X

Cyrax (Smasher): 
Press Toward(2), Up, Triangle 

Drahmin (Iron Bash): 
Press Away, Toward(2), Down, X

Frost (Freeze Shatter): 
Press Toward, Away, Up, Down, Square

Hsu Hao (Laser Slice): 
Press Toward, Away, Down(2), Triangle

Jax (Head Stomp): 
Press Down, Toward(2), Down, Triangle

Kitana (Kiss of Doom): 
Press Down, Up, Toward(2), Triangle

Nitara (Blood Thirst): 
Press Up(2), Toward, Square

Raiden (Electrocution): 
Press Away, Toward, Toward(2), X

Reptile (Acid Shower): 
Press Up(3), Toward, X 

Random character select:
Highlight Shang Tsung (for player one) or Quan Chi 
(for player two) at the character selection screen,
then hold Up + Start.

Alternate costumes:
After the appropriate costumes are unlocked in the Krypt, 
press Start at the character selection screen to access 
the new costume. 

Versus mode stage select:
Press R1 before either player chooses a character to get 
a screen with a screenshot of a stage. Then, press 
Left or Right to change it to the desired stage.

Versus mode skill select:
Press L2 before either player chooses a character. 

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