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The Mark of Kri

Invincible Rau:
Press Square, Circle, X, Square, Circle, Square, X, Circle, 
X, Square, Circle, X at the "Press Start" screen. Rau will 
say "Faahu" to confirm correct code entry. Enter the 
"Cheats" section at the Sage, and the last card will be 
Invincible Rau. Press X to activate the code.

Full health power:
Press X(4), Square(4), Circle(4) at the "Press Start" 
screen. Health power-ups will all be 100%.

Unlimited arrows:
Press X, Circle, Square(2), X, Square, Circle(2), X, 
Square(2), X at the "Press Start" screen. 

Stronger opponents:
Press X, Circle, Square(2), X, Square, Circle(2), X, 
Circle(2), X at the "Press Start" screen. 

Weaker opponents:
Press X, Circle(2), Square, X, Square(2), 
Circle at the "Press Start" screen. 

Disable arena AI:
Press X, Circle(3), X, Square(3), X, Circle, 
Square, X at the "Press Start" screen. 

Weapon select:
Find each Tuku on all levels to unlock an option at 
the Sage that allows you to use any weapon on any level. 

Successfully complete all of the challenges in a level 
to unlock that level's arena. 

Alternate costumes and character art:
Successfully complete all time attack and body count 
challenges in an arena to unlock alternate costumes 
and character art. 

Manual animation:
Flip through the pages of the instruction booklet from
the back to the front. There is an animation of Rau 
performing a stealth kill in the lower right corner.

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