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Kingdom Hearts

In-game reset:
Hold R1 + L1 + Start + Select + R2 + L2 during game play. 

Alternate ending sequence:
Successfully complete the game with all Keyholes locked 
(including The Book Of Pooh), 99 Dalmatians rescued, and 
the Hades Cup won.

Successfully complete the game under the expert difficulty 
setting and view the secret trailer. A different screen 
will appear at the end.

Hidden trailer:
Wait until the credits complete to view an epilogue of what 
happens to Sora, Donald, and Goofy after the worlds come back. 
It seems to be a teaser for another Kingdom Hearts game. 
After that, there is a "Special Secret" which seems to be 
a hidden trailer for yet another Kingdom Hearts game, 
although this one seems to be about Riku and what happens 
after the defeat of Ansem and the Heartless.

Note: The hidden trailer after the one with Pluto and the 
letter is actually a portion of the trailer from Kingdom Hearts 2. 
The Japanese game Kingdom Hearts Final Mix should show half 
of that trailer.

Select Opponent option:
When you defeat Sephiroth, a new option (Select Opponent) in 
Hades Cup will open. This lets you select an opponent to 
fight with a lot of experience points. 

Expert mode:
At the beginning of the game when asked to choose the difficulty 
setting, select "Difficult" .When you are in the room with the 
sword, staff, and shield, choose the sword. This is considered 
expert mode. At the end of the game, you will get to see your 
overall statistics and some artwork 

Warp between save points: (Submitted by: Matthew)
In any level, except the Hercules level (because you don't need it 
there!) step on a save point and go to the menu. If the "gummi ship" 
is selectable, select it and leave. Choose the level your on, and 
choose the save point to warp to!

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