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Disgaea: Hour of Darkness

Etna's diary:
There are two hidden switches in the castle. One is behind 
the throne, and another is near the skull on the counter of 
the Rosenqueen shops. Flip both of them to allow access to 
Etna's diary, which is in the middle corner of the 
intermediate hallway between the throne room and the shops. 
If you visit this area consistently for each chapter, you 
will be rewarded with a Testament item in the final chapter.

Get the most out of your turn:
If you are trying to level all of your characters mainly by 
using team attacks, etc., move all your characters into 
position for a team attack. As long as none of them besides 
the initial attacker have not performed any actions, after 
the team attack you can move them back to their original 
locations and move them again. Repeat this as desired. This 
also works if your characters are just out of a healers 
range; you can move them, heal them, then move them back 
into battle.

Easy experience:
In stage 5, level 3 (Terrible Cold), there is only one 
Geopanel that does not have the invincibility attribute. 
Combine all the enemies by throwing them into each other, 
making one high level enemy. Throw the enemy onto the 
Geopanel that is green. Trap him/her on the Geopanel without 
invincibility by surrounding him with your characters. Since 
all of your characters are on invincible panels you cannot be 
defeated, yet you can wear down the high-level enemy who is 
trapped on the non-invincible panel. This is a great way to 
jump 10 levels at once early in the game. 

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