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Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance

Cheat mode:
Hold R2 + L1 + Left + Triangle then press Start during 
game play. A cheat menu with "Invincibility", "Level Warp" 
options will be unlocked. 

Super character:
Hold R2 + L1 + Left + Triangle then press R3 during game 
play. Your character will speak to confirm correct code 
entry. Your character will now be at level 20 and have 
access to all feats. Your character will also have level 1 
feats on all class-dependent feats and 75,000 more gold pieces. 
Note: It will take some time to get enough experience points 
to level up your magic or feats after this code is enabled. 

Play as Drizzt:
Hold L1 + R1 then press X + Triangle at the main menu. 

Control loading screen:
Move the Right Analog-stick and the flames surrounding 
"Loading" will also move.

The Gauntlet level:
Successfully complete the game under any difficulty 

Extreme mode:
Successfully complete The Gauntlet level to unlock 
the extreme difficulty setting.

Play as Drizzt:
Successfully complete the game under the extreme 
difficulty setting. 

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