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Age of Empires 2

More bases advantage:
To have a better chance of winning, you might want to 
build more than one base. Enlarge the base you start out 
with, making it completely fortified with at least two 
castles. Then, send a scout cavalry, or some other fast 
moving unit, to the opposite side of the map from your 
base. After you have checked the area and confirmed that 
it is safe, send a villager to build a castle at that 
location and fortify that base. This is very helpful if 
your enemy knows where one of your bases are located, 
especially during online play. 

Save resources:
When you are allies with others, do not build a market 
to avoid giving them resources. 

Explore enemy territory without being attacked:
Advance to the Feudal age, build a Market, then create 
a Trade Cart. Use the Trade Cart to safely explore your 
opponent's territory. If your opponent is neutral, they 
will not harm the Trade Cart. Another trick is to create 
several Trade Carts and place them evenly across your 
opponent's area to see everything they are doing, without 
having to spend several thousand gold to research Spies/Treason. 

Build faster:
Continuously select the icon next to the percentage. 

Play in deathmatch mode and choose the Vikings. Instead of 
having Berserkers, they will have Barbarians.

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