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Tekken Tag Tournament

Practice mode stage select:
Highlight "Practice mode" at the main menu. Hold L2 and 
press R2 the indicated number of times to select the 
corresponding stage.

Stage                       R2 presses
Law (new)                   1 
Yoshimitsu (light snow)     2 
Ling                        3 
Hwoarang                    4 
Lei                         5 
Ogre                        6 
School Stage (evening)      7 
Jin (evening)               8 
Nina (daytime)              9 
Eddy (sunset)               10 
King                        11 
Heihachi                    12 
Eddy (daytime)              13 
Unknown                     14 
Law (old)                   15 
School Stage (daytime)      16 
Jin (daytime)               17 
Nina (nighttime)            18 
Yoshimitsu (heavy snow)     19 
Paul                        20 

Start match with second character selected: 
Hold Tag and press Start.

Easy exit:
Hold Start and press Select during game play or at 
the character selection screen.

Gallery mode:
Unlock Devil and Angel to access gallery mode.

Tekken Bowl mode:
Unlock True Ogre to access Tekken Bowl mode. You can hit 
Dr. Boskonovitch in the background while playing Tekken Bowl. 

Tekken Bowl mode: Hit Dr. Bostonovitch: 
Aim at Dr. Bostonovitch at the left hand side of your screen 
and bowl into him. You will knock him out, and the announcer 
will yell "K.O." To make this easier, choose a robot fighter 
and use its ability to aim to your advantage.

While playing Tekken Bowl, use a human and move all the way 
to the right. Then, aim all the way to the right, and at any 
speed, shoot. When the ball hits him, an arrow appears with 
"K.O." besides it. "CAUTION: Do Not Try This At Home" will 
also appear at the bottom of the screen.

Tekken Bowl mode: Easy strikes:
Do not move your character at the beginning. Instead, keep him 
in the middle. When you see the marker, keep it in the middle. 
When you get to your power, do not use a lot.

Choose Jin or Hwoarang as your first character. Tap Left then 
press X. Tap Left again and make sure you have very little spin 
on the left (or none at all) and use a lot of power. 
Note: Make sure it is still over the yellow part when getting 
the spin. As they are running up to take the shot, tap Left again. 
You should get a strike. 

Tekken Bowl mode: Over-charge strike:
If you over-charge your ball and cause a strike, like a strike 
replay it will repeat the strike over. But if you get a strike 
while over-charged, it will repeat the strike approximately ten 
times over. Use any of the Jacks, True Ogre, or Ganryu to make 
this easier. 

Tekken Bowl mode: Juke Box:
Score more than 200 points in Tekken Bowl. Press Start, select 
"Bowling Options", and choose a song.

Tekken Bowl mode: Fly with bowling ball: 
When bowling in Tekken Bowl, over-charge the speed to the top 
limit for bowling ball. Your character will roll with the bowling ball.

Tekken Bowl mode: Using Yoshimitsu or Panda: 
With Yoshimitsu or Panda, set the power very low and the spin 
meter at least in the middle to get a strike or a spare, 
depending on the order of the characters. 

Tekken Bowl mode: Characters with crosshairs: 
The following characters have crosshairs in Tekken Bowl mode: 
Brian Fury, Yoshimitsu, Gun Jack, Jack-2, and P. Jack. 

Tekken Bowl mode: Recommended characters: 
Use P. Jack, Gun Jack, or Jack. They have sensors that tell 
you where your ball is going. They also have more speed on the ball.

Tekken Bowl mode: Synchronized dance:
Select Alex or Roger, then select Panda or Kuma. Bowl a strike 
and they will do a synchronized dance.

Select anyone first, then choose either Tetsujin or Mokajin. 
If you get a strike, both will do the same dance.

Tekken Bowl mode: Hit man:
When in the Tekken Bowl tournament round, aim for the man on the 
right side wearing the purple and white outfit and stop the power 
at the max. The screen will rattle and "K.O." will appear. 
The message "Caution: Do not try this at home" will appear at 
the bottom of the screen.

Tekken Bowl mode: Upskirt:
This trick works with any of the female characters that have a 
skirt costume. Julia and Xiaoyu work best with this trick. 
Select Julia with Square, and Xiaoyu with Start. Your goal is 
to overcharge while bowling. To do so, max out your power gauge. 
It will say "Overcharge" and your character will hold onto the 
ball when they slide down the alley. You will be able to see 
Xiaoyu's underwear, or what appears to be a thong for Julia.

Theater mode:
Successfully complete the game in arcade mode under any difficulty 
setting once to unlock Theater mode. This allows the FMV sequences 
to be viewed.

Ultra hard difficulty setting:
Successfully complete the game under the very hard difficulty setting. 
After you defeat Unknown, the Ultra Hard difficulty setting will be 
unlocked in the options menu.

Hidden video:
Unlock theater mode then highlight the movie option. You will see a 
choice of three videos. To unlock an extra video called "EMBU 2", 
complete arcade mode with Unknown. EMBU 2 will be the same as EMBU, 
but with all the animals of the game fighting in front of a 
different background.

Pair Play mode:
Press Left at the main Tekken Tag Tournament screen (where you select 
the game mode). This mode allows you to have a controller two tag 
partner or controller two opponent with his/her partner.

Secret characters:
Successfully complete the game in arcade mode various times 
under any difficulty setting to unlock a secret character, 
which will appear in the following order:

Bruce Irvin
Lee Chaolan
Wang Jinrey
Roger & Alex
Kuma & Panda
Kazuya Mishima
True Ogre
Prototype Jack
Mokujin & Tetsujin
Devil and Angel

Fight as Alex:
Highlight Roger and press X at the character selection screen.

Fight as Angel:
Complete arcade until Devil is unlocked. Then, highlight Devil 
and press Start at the character selection screen. 

Fight as Gold Tetsujin:
Win ten matches in versus mode.

Fight as Heihachi:
Complete arcade mode under the normal difficulty setting with 
two rounds, without losing any rounds, in less than 5 minutes, 
30 seconds.

Fight as Tiger:
Highlight Eddy's screen and press Start.

Fight as Tetsujin and Unknown in arcade mode:
Unlocked Tetsujin and/or Unknown. Select arcade mode, then scroll 
down the character list to the bottom left corner (Wang). 
Press Left and will appear and can be selected. 

Special costumes:
Press Start when selecting Jun, Michelle, Ganryu, Forest, Jin, 
Xiaoyu, Kunimitsu, Lee, Devil, orEddy.

Basic costumes:
Nina, Yoshimitsu, Anna, Jin, King, Paul, Law, Hwoarang, Gun Jack, 
Bryan, True Ogre, Ogre, Heihachi, Julia, Kuma/Panda, Tetsujin/Mukojin, 
Lei, Xiaoyu,and Eddy all have four outfits each of the four selection 
buttons (Square, Triangle, Circle or X). Jun, Kazuya, Roger/Alex, 
Kunimitsu, Michelle, Ganryu, Devil/Angel, Wang, P-Jack, Jack-2, Lee, 
Baek, Armor King, Unknown, and Bruce have two outfits (Square or 
Triangle for one and X or Circle for another). 

Armor King's alternate costume:
Successfully complete arcade mode as Armor King. Highlight Armor King 
and press Start at the character selection screen. 

Devil's alternate costume:
Press X while selecting Devil to get a Red Devil. 

Xiaoyu's green costume:
Go to the random selector in team battle. Make sure this is first player. 
Press any button except Start and Select to choose character. If it is 
not Xiaoyu, press Select to try again. If you get Xiaoyu, keep her and 
pick your partner. Sometimes it selects another outfit, but it does 
select the green one most frequently because it has no button activation.

Begin match with tag partner:
Hold Tag (L1) before a match begins to switch the order of the fighters. 
This can be done before the match finishes loading (if you want to start 
the first round with your second character) or before the previous round's 
winner has finished their victory celebration (if you want to start the 
second or third round with your second character).

Alternate tag:
Press the Analog-stick in any direction.

Automatic lower parry:
Press Down/Forward with any character to lower parry.

Change Unknown's Fighting Style without Tag:
Press Analog-stick Down. Note: It must be pointed down exactly.

Special Tag Throws:
Anna: Press Forward, Down/Forward, Down + Square + Triangle, then tag to Nina.
Armor King: Press Down, Down/Back + Triangle + Circle, then tag to King.
Baek: Press Forward + Triangle + X, then tag to Hwoarang.
Bryan: Do the Smashpunch (Back + 1 ) then tag to 
Bruce and do his Leg Cutter to Tornado Upper (Down/Forward + 3, 1).
Heihachi: Press Forward, Forward + Square + Triangle, then tag to Jun.
Hwoarang: Press Forward + Triangle + X, then tag to Baek.
Jack-2 : Press Triangle + Circle, then tag to Gun Jack.
Jin: Press Forward, Forward + Square + Triangle, then tag to Jun.
Julia: Press Back + Triangle, then tag to Michelle. 
Jun: Press Back, Square + Triangle, then tag to Kazuya,Jin,Heihachi.
Kazuya: Press Forward, Forward + Square + Triangle, then tag to Jun.
King: Press Back, Square + Triangle, then tag to Armor King.
Xiaoyu: Press Forward, Triangle, Square, then tag to Panda. 

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