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Hidden FMV sequence:
Select the "Credits" option from the main menu, then 
press X while the credits are being displayed. 

Alternate ending:
After the defeat of Machival, you can go on to the 
Forge of Urath which is at the altar, or you can go back 
out the main entrance. Both will start the ending sequence.

Fast magic:
Cast a spell, press Triangle to display the pause menu, 
then select the "Skills" option. Exit out to resume the 
game with your spell being cast without a delay. 

Reduce AP cost of long chains:
Get a ''chain 4'' or higher attack, then quickly press 
R2, L2 (or L2, R2) to switch to another character and then 
back to the original character. If done correctly, your 
chain number will reset to 1 without slowing your attack. 

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