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Sky Surfer

Moves                   Keys
Scorpion:               Press Circle, Triangle, X 
Menhouse Surprise:      Press Square, Triangle, X 
Opening Touring CA:     Press Square(3), Circle
The Plate:              Press Triangle, X, Triangle, X 
Tidy Bowel In The Hole: Press Square, X, Circle, X
Bending Reed:           Press Triangle, Square, X, Circle 
Propeller:              Press Square, Triangle, X, Circle 
Free Fall:              Press Triangle, X(2), Triangle 
Burner Speed:           Press Circle(3), Square 
Snow Ball:              Press Triangle, Square(2), Circle 
Avalanche:              Press Triangle, Circle(2), Square 
Rolling Barrel Left:    Press X, Circle(2), X 
Rolling Barrel Right:   Press X, Square(2), X 

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