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Red Dead Revolver

Completion bonuses:
Successfully complete the game to unlock bounty hunter mode and hard mode.

Successfully complete the game in "Hard" mode to unlock the "Very Hard" and 
"Red Wood Revolver" (play as Manny Quinn training dummy) modes. 

Buy every item from the stores to unlock all showdown characters and journal 

Cheat mode:
Play through the game in bounty hunter mode to unlock various cheats, including 
"Invincibility", "Infinite Deadeye", "Golden Gun" (powerful guns), "Bite the 
Bullet" (one hit kills), "Sad Stars" (blood replaced with stars), "No HUD", "No 
Distortion", "Show Player Position", "Show AI Info", and "Big Money" at the 
pause menu; as well as more characters in Showdown. 

Chapter 1: Morning Star (Red's mother) as a showdown character 
Chapter 2: Sad Stars cheat
Chapter 5: Sheriff Bartlett as a showdown character
Chapter 11: Smitty as a showdown character
Chapter 14: Matilda as a showdown character
Chapter 18: No HUD cheat and Grizzly as a showdown character
Chapter 20: Bite the Bullet cheat
Chapter 21: No Distortion cheat
Chapter 24: Infinite Deadeye cheat
Chapter 25: Golden Gun cheat
Chapter 27: Invincibility cheat 

Man with no name:
When starting a new game, instead of entering a name use the spacebar right to 
make a blank entry. When you enter this, it starts a character named "Rstar". 
In some of the stores some items show up as already sold to you.

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