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PlayStation 2 (hardware)

PS One games on PlayStation2 memory card: 
The PlayStation2 will not recognize a PlayStation2 memory 
card when a PS One game is being played. However, you can 
use a PlayStation2 memory card to store any PS One game, 
freeing up more space for other PS One games. Simply use the 
PlayStation2's internal memory manager to transfer all your 
PS One saves from a PS One memory card to a PlayStation2 
memory card. When you need to play from a saved PS One game, 
just transfer the file back to a PS One memory card. 

Memory card character actions:
This trick can be done with certain PlayStation2 games. 
Go into the Browser screen and select the memory card. Then, 
choose a game and select "Delete"; but do not delete the 
saved game. The character should do a different action then 
when you first entered the memory card screen. For example, 
with an Onimusha save game, choose that save and select 
"Delete" when prompted. The system should ask you to confirm 
the deletion, but at the same time the character should be 
doing a different action than the first time.

Internet play for less:
To have Internet play with spending less money, buy a USB to 
ethernet adapter if you have a Cable or DSL modem. Directly 
connect it to either one of these, or if you have a router, 
connect it through there. The back of Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 3, 
an online game, will give you further instructions.

Turn off parental lock:
Insert a DVD. When the movie starts, press Select to go to the 
menu. Find the "Setup" icon and select it. When in the setup 
menu, press Right(2) to get to the custom setup. Go down to 
"Parental Control" and press Right to go to "Region", then 
go down to go to "Level". You can now turn the parental 
control on or off, and/or change the password. 

Change or delete parental lock:
Press Start when prompted to enter the code. Once you get 
to where you enter the numbers, press Start and you will be 
asked if you want to delete it. You can also enter another 
code instead of deleting it. The master code is 7444. Enter 
it, and at the last "4", press Select at the same time. Do 
this again, and you will eventually get the option to delete 
the lock. Enter 7444 again to delete the code. 

Quick start:
Instead pressing Restart to start the PlayStation2, press 
Eject. It should go through the flying in introduction a 
lot faster than normal. Note: You need to do this immediately 
after you turn on the main power from the back.

In-game reset:
While playing most games, press Start + Select + R1 + R2 + 
L1 + L2 to return to the game's main menu.

Bypass DVD regional lockout (Japanese version): 
Note: This trick requires an original non-analog PlayStation 
controller and a PlayStation2 console with the launch version 
DVD utility software and memory card package. Plug the 
controller into port one. Place a DVD disc in the system and 
hold Up until the DVD player menu appears. Release Up, and 
select the play icon. 

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