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Madden 2001

Madden Cards:
There are three different value levels of the cards: 
Gold (4), Silver (2), and Bronze (1). The cards each 
serve one use, except for stadium cards, team cards, 
and historical players, which are always active. The 
other cards are for cheat codes and boosting player 
attributes. Gold Cards last for one half of a game. 
Sliver Cards last for one quarter. Bronze cards last 
for a single play. You earn Madden Cards by purchasing 
them with Madden Tokens. Madden Tokens are earned by 
accomplishing certain feats during game play. There are 
five levels of feats to accomplish, and you get more 
tokens for the higher difficulty level. To get Madden 
Cards you must make sure that Madden Cards are enabled, 
either on the profile select screen prior to the game, 
or on the options menu.

Collect all 296 cards and the 297th will be John Madden. 
The card's value is 2500 points. Sell the card and buy a 
new pack. You will receive a John Madden card again. 
Repeat this until you have as many points as you wish. 
2500 points is worth 25 packs. John Madden unlocks the 
Madden Millennium Team, featuring Mike Ditka as tight end.

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