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Enter The Matrix

Cheat mode:
Enter the Hacking engine in the game. Enter CHEAT.EXE and the cheat menu will be 
unlocked. Enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding effect.

Maximum firepower:
Enter 0034AFFF as a code.

Unlimited ammunition:
Enter 1DDF2556 as a code.

Unlimited focus:
Enter 69E5D9E4 as a code.

Unlimited health:
Enter 7F4DF451 as a code.

Sparks' Construct in training mode:
Enter 13D2C77F as a code. 

Enemies cannot see you:
Enter FFFFFFF1 as a code.

Multi-player fighting:
Enter D5C55D1E as a code.

Faster logos: 
Enter 7867F443 as a code.

Hacking engine tools:
In Hacking engine (which is accessed from the title screen), there are a number 
of directories and tools that can be useful (such as spawning a weapon within 
The Matrix.). 

Command                 Directory       Effect 
CLS                     A:\SYSTEM       Clear the screen of text 
DIR <location>          A:\SYSTEM       List files and folders 
ECHO <text>             A:\SYSTEM       Display indicated text 
EXIT                    A:\SYSTEM       Exit Hacking engine 
HELP <command>          A:\SYSTEM       Extended help for a command 
LOGIN                   A:\SYSTEM       Change drives; password is GUEST, 
                                        FREEMIND or COWBOYCURTIS  
READ                    A:\SYSTEM       Read *.txt files 
READBIO                 A:\SYSTEM       Review your character's accomplishments 
REBOOT                  A:\SYSTEM       Reboot system, remove unlocked commands 
CHEAT <code>            A:\TOOLS        Cheat code entry command 
VIBRATION <1-100>       A:\TOOLS        Test vibration feature 
BEEP <1-8>              A:\TOOLS        Test beeps 
DECODE <code>           B:\TOOLS        Decode hint 
DROP <code>             B:\TOOLS        Weapon drop command 
PLAY                    B:\TOOLS        Play *.fmv files 
TRACEKILL               B:\TOOLS        Kills traces 
VIEW                    B:\TOOLS        View *.img files 
VIRTUAL                 B:\TOOLS        Access V: drive; password is FROZENFISH 
ROOTSEARCH              V:\TOOLS        Unlock more V: drive commands 

MAIL                    V:\TOOLS        Phone number list; password is 
DIAL <phone number>     V:\TOOLS        Listen to phone message  
PORTKEY <number>        V:\TOOLS        Open communication port; number is 942 
                                        for Trinity  
CRACK <password>        V:\TOOLS        Access RAM: drive; password is 8RAM  

TRAINING                RAM:            Unlock sword; game must be completed 
READBIO                 RAM:            View biography 
HANDSHAKE               RAM:            Access LOGOS: drive and contact Sparks 
EMP                     RAM:            Message; after Sparks is contacted  

Weapon drops:
Enter the following DROP commands to drop weapons at the indicated location.

Command Location 
DROP PNSRZ10 North Concourse  
DROP RKHMS10 Airport Tunnel  
DROP JDZMT10  2nd Floor West (Chateau)  
DROP ZKHBD10  Courtyard (Chateau)  
DROP RHFTQ10 Skyscraper  
DROP ZSZQH10 Warehouse (Chinatown)  
DROP JDHQL10 Transformer Field (power plant)  
DROP B1AXXF2 2nd Floor PO Boxes  

Unlock all commands and files in Hacking engine:
There is a simple (and ironic) method of acquiring all commands and files even 
if you have only just entered the Hacking system. In order to do this, first 
select "Hacking" from the main menu and load any saved game. It does not have to 
be a completed game save. You will be presented with the Hacking system 
interface. You can login as GUEST or FREEMIND if desired. Press the L1 + R1. 
This may require more than one attempt as it must be done exactly simultaneously. 
If done correctly, the command list will automatically update itself, and all 
files will be available. A message will read "All files unlocked", and also 
ironically states "Remember to remove this feature from the final version".

Alternately, enter the Hacking engine, then hold L1 + L2 + R1 + R2 at the command 
list to unlock everything in the list.

Morpheus message:
In the Hacking engine, instead of using "GUEST", you can LOGIN as FREEMIND or 
COWBOYCURTIS. The system asks if you would like to hear a message from Morpheus. 
If you accept, it will tell you to press a number from 1 to 5. There are five 
messages to hear.

Wireless message:
Enter the following commands:

Passcode 8ram
3 digit code 942

To unlock the swordfight, follow these steps. Open the Hacking program from the 
main menu. Open a file that has the game completed. Note: You must have 
completed the game first in order for this cheat to work; and the game file you 
select at the Hacking menu must have the game completed. Type LOGIN and press 
Enter. Type GUEST and press Enter. Type DIR, then a space. DIR should now appear 
in your command list. Access the B Drive through the DIR command. Select TOOLS 
from the B Drive. It will be locked and will ask you for an access code. The 
access code consists of 1s and 0s. You must guess the access code, as it is 
different each time. It is only five digits long. Once you have access to the 
TOOLS on the B Drive, type all the .EXE files (without the .EXE after them). For 
example, type DECODE then a space. DECODE will now appear in the command list. 
Repeat this for all other .EXE files in the TOOLS folder in the B Drive. Now, 
access VIRTUAL on your command list. Type in FROZENFISH as the password. An 
authentication test will start. An image of a Chinese symbol will appear, but it 
will be scrambled. The image is broken into 9 squares, and each square will have 
five different choices. You must change all the pieces so that a complete image 
appears. You have a limited amount of time to do this. Once you guess a correct 
image, the timer will stop and you will be taken back to the hacking screen. 
Look at the top of the screen. If it says "Solution: Blue", then the line will 
be traced and you will have to enter TRACEKILL and then press enter as fast as 
possible or all progress will be lost. Once you enter TRACEKILL, you will have 
to start back at accessing VIRTUAL on your command list. However, if it says 
"Solution: Red", then you will hear a message from Neo and get access to the V 
Drive. Open the V Drive and get all the commands from the TOOLS folder on your 
command list. Open the ROOTSEARCH program. Now, open the ROOT folder in the B 
Drive and get the two commands there on your command list. Enter the MAIL 
command and type THISISNOTREAL as the password and type YES. You will get a 
list of phone numbers: 


Select the DIAL command and dial 001949555010. You should get a message from 
Persephone. Next dial 0013105550111. You will get you a message from Trinity. 
She will give you a number. Select PORTKEY and enter the number. She will start 
to talk to you. Type NO to both questions and she will give you a program called 
CRACK on your command list. Open it, then type 8RAM. It should look like this: 
"CRACK 8RAM". You now have access to the RAM drive. Go to DIR on your command 
list and access the RAM drive. A list of folder names will appear. Open the 
TRINITY folder. Get the Training command on your DIR by typing TRAINING then a 
space. Go to your command list and select TRAINING. On you command list, a file 
called SWORD.DSK will come up. Select it. It has now uploaded the sword onto you 
character in the Matrix. Quit the hacking program and select "Save Progress". 
You can use the sword when you start that game file. It can be used in any stage, 
but will only a[[ear when fighting enemies by pressing Punch + Kick. You have to 
enter it again when you turn off the game. Go to the Hacking program, select that 
file again, select TRAINING, then SWORD.DSK.

Note: The game must be completed first as either character in order to unlock the 

Click here to view both the red and blue Chinese character puzzle solutions. 

There is no need to try to get the blue Chinese character puzzle solution as you 
cannot proceed further with it. Click here to view a close-up of the red 

If you complete the blue combination for the virtual command, it will hack your 
system. Once you complete the blue version, Neo says that if he can track you, 
so can they. A countdown from 1000 begins, and your command list freezes. The 
total countdown takes less than twenty seconds, and when it finishes, all of 
your commands are gone and you have to start again.

Once you unlock the sword, instead of pressing [Punch] + [Kick], press [Action] 
when approaching an enemy (as if you were going to disarm them). Instead of 
doing your disarm move, you will take out the sword and slice them up, killing 
them instantly.

After you have won the game on a file, complete the process of unlocking the 
sword. Once done, if you open another file you can use the sword in that file.

Multi-player mode:
To access multi-player mode, follow the steps used to get the sword. However, 
instead go to the SPARKS folder and have a chat with him. Activate 
"HANDSHAKE.EXE". When he asks what program you sent him, say "HANDSHAKE". Then, 
wait until he is done talking. He will then upload Multi-player to you. Access 
it by going to "Load" and choosing the level just before the first one.

Multi-player mode character selections: 
When entering multi-player mode, you do not get to choose which character(s) you 
would like to fight as. Instead, the Matrix selects two pre-set opponents 
depending on which scenario/background you choose. Note: Much like Morpheus vs. 
Neo in The Matrix, multi-player mode is essentially a training ground to hone 
your standard skills. Focus is unavailable for use in the Multiplayer program. 
You must have two Dual Shock 2 controllers, as the original Dual Shock analog 
controller does not work. There is no background music to accompany these 
battles. Below is the list of backgrounds/environments that are used in the 
single player game itself, and the characters the CPU will select upon choosing 
a certain background:

The Pit - Player 1: Seraph, Player 2: Ballard
The Ballroom - Player 1: Niobe, Player 2: Ghost
The Bedroom - Player 1: Cujo, Player 2: Vlad
The Atrium - Player 1: Sewing Woman, Player 2: Janitor
The Alley - Player 1: Firebird Man, Player 2: Police Car Man 

There are also two other levels which are famous areas from The Matrix film, 
which can only be found in multi-player mode: 

The Dojo - Player 1: Niobe, Player 2: Trinity
The Subway - Player 1: Morpheus, Player 2: Agent Smith 

Phone numbers: 


Additional options:
Go into the Hacking option and type DIR. This will bring up a list (System.exe, 
Tools.exe, etc.). Under system, login as GUEST. This will bring up the B 
directory. Go to tools under B's directory and it will ask for a five digit 
binary code. Note: This code is random each time. Enter the correct code (such 
as 11001 or 10011) to access more options such as "DECODE.EXE", "PLAY.EXE", and 

The list of possible binary codes is as follows:


Neo and Morpheus views:
Note: The following will not unlock Neo and Morpheus as playable characters, 
regardless what the messages that appear state. In the Hacking mode, after 
unlocking the DECODE.EXE program, type DECODE IAHSZWQLFZC. The following message 
will appear: 

"Valid code found.

You will also hear Morpheus say "You have access." Morpheus and Neo are now 
viewable in the "view" section of Hacking mode, where you can get the stats and 
pictures of various characters in the game. 

If you type DECODE DBIUHU7XDTSMZYO, the following message will appear: 

"Valid code found.

You will also hear Morpheus say "You have access." Even more characters are now 
viewable, such as the Merovingian and Bane. 

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