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Dynasty Warriors 4

Hidden preview (Japanese version): 
Pressing Triangle at the movie selection screen to view a preview of Dynasty 
Tactics 2. Note: This game is titled San Goku Shi Senki 2 in Japan. 

In-game reset:
Press: Start + Select during game play to return to the main menu.

To taunt, press R3. Note: This will leave you open for an attack, but when it is 
performed, enemies surronding you will lose their guard.

Opening Edit option:
Unlock all 42 characters, and complete the game with at least one character 
under each force (Wei, Wu, Shu, Dong Zhuo, Lu Bu, Yuan Shao). 
Note: By competing one character in each force you will also unlock Yellow 
Turban's Force as a selection in Musou mode.

Dynasty Warrior 3 costumes:
If you are in your first costume and you are facing yourself (for example, Sima 
Yi vs. Sima Yi), you will see yourself in the Dynasty Warriors 3 costume for 
that character.

To get your character's Dynasty Warriors 3 costume, keep leveling up for awhile. 
Soon, you will get six costumes. Your fifth and sixth costumes will be the 
Dynasty Warriors 3 costumes. To change your characters costume, press Circle 
while on on your character at the selection screen. 
Note: The sixth costume will be from last game, but it might not be the same 
color as in that game. For example, Lu Xun's second costume in Dynasty Warriors 
3 was blue but in Dynasty Warriors 4 the sixth costume is pink. 

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