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Donald Duck: Goin' Quackers

Getting special moves:
Quickly collect five cogs to get one letter from the word 
"SPECIAL" in any level. Keep collecting cogs until the 
entire word is spelled out. Complete the level to learn 
a special move. 

Special moves:
To execute a special move, butt stomp three consecutive 
enemies then quickly press R1 followed by one of the 
following codes. If done correctly, Donald will be invincible 
for a brief amount of time. 

Duckie Mountain
Yogabound:          Press Up, X(4).
Ring a Ding-Ding:   Press Up, Circle(4).
Soap Opera:         Press Up, X, Circle, X, Circle.
Pole Pose:          Press Up, X, Circle(2), X 

Soccer Shop:        Press Right, X(2), Circle(2). 
Spicy Golf:         Press Right, Triangle(4).
Fab Lifting:        Press Right, Triangle(2), Square(2). 

Magica's Manor
Tap Ten:            Press Down, Triangle, Square, Triangle, Square.
Ballet Basket:      Press Down, Square(4).
Stilt Tilt:         Press Down, Square(2), Triangle(2). 

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