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Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance 2

Cheat mode:
Hold L1 + R1 + Triangle + Square + Circle + X and press Start during game play. 
This will unlock options for "Invulnerability" and "Level Warp". 
Note: After using the "Level Warp" option, press Circle to resume the game. 

Level 10 character:
Hold L1 + R1 + Triangle + Square + Circle + X and press L2 during game play. 
Your current character will now be at level 10, with 45 feat points and 500,000 
gold. To use this code again, save the game, reload the game, return to the 
title screen, and repeat it. 

Play as Drizzt Do'Urden:
Successfully complete the game under any difficulty setting. Then, highlight 
Alessia Faithhammer and press Down at the character selection screen. 

Play as Artemis Entreri:
Successfully complete the game under the extreme difficulty setting. Then, 
highlight Alessia Faithhammer and press Down(2) at the character selection 

Easy bonus characters:
To play a Drizzt or Artemis easily, enable the "Cheat mode" code, then use the 
level warp cheat to go to the BGate3 map for Drizzt. Do the same under the 
extreme difficulty setting for for Artemis.

Extreme mode:
Successfully complete the game under any difficulty setting. 

Duplicating items:
Get next to a save point. Save your game. Drop the items you wish to duplicate. 
Reload your character. Pick up the dropped items. Repeat this as may times as 
desired. You will have the number of items you had when you saved plus the ones 
that you picked up after reloading.

This trick requires at least two characters. First, save the game. Then, have 
one character drops all their items. Next, have the other character pick up all 
the items, sell them, then buy whatever desired. You can then reload the 
character that dropped all their items. Note: In two player games, gold is 
shared; if you reload the character after selling all the items it will reset 
the gold to the saved amount. If playing in single player mode, start a second 
game and save it. Then load the saved game you want to duplicate in. Import the 
saved character from the other game into the game you are playing and save. 
Then, repeat the process. When done, export the second character and continue 
your game. Note: This works well for the workshop. Before selling duplicate 
items, check to see if they have gems. You can break them out to have gems to 
work with that are not for sale at first. Also, buy weapons that have gems and 
break them for extra gems. 

If you have items that you want to duplicate, go to a battle area with a save 
location then save the game. Drop the items to be duplicated on the ground. 
Then, select "Load Character" and reload your character from the same save. Pick 
up the item and you should now have two of them. You can use this to make a lot 
of money by duplicating gems and runes. Sell them, then duplicate them again and 
repeat. Then make a big item, such as armor with sixteen runes, sixteen gem slot 
one, and sixteen gem slot two. Upgrade the item, duplicate, then sell it. 

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